Supply List


Pick 12 to 17 fabrics using the following guidelines:

The fabrics should have contrast in value (light, medium and dark).

Use fabrics with varying textures and scales.

Consider using two different color families, possibly adding accents of a third color.

You might want to use mainly floral fabrics, ethnic fabrics, batiks or theme fabrics to establish some unity within the quilt.  Make sure to have some fabrics that allow the eye to rest as well, such as tone on tone prints. 

Fabric will be cut into strips, so you need yardage from selvedge to selvedge.  Fabric amounts vary depending on the width of the strips you cut out of each.  A guideline to use is a minimum of 1/8 yard and a maximum of 1/3 yard for each fabric.  Extra fabric is needed for borders (1/3 yard for inner boarder, and 1 yard minimum for the outer border).

Bring fabric that is prepared to work with.  Which means, pre-wash if you are going to pre-wash (sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t).  Either way, press the fabric, and re-fold with the selvedge edges together, so that the folded edge is also even (no bunches).  Stack your fabrics in an order that creates a pleasing transition from one fabric to the next.

Other Supplies:

Carol Fay
1417 Camino Rio Verde
Santa Barbara, CA  93111
(805) 683-4765