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Use variations on the basic 4-patch including a quick and easy “4-patch” that is composed of triangles to create interesting quilts.  Learn about how to manipulate value (light and dark), texture, scale (the size of the print) and color in your quilts to get a fabulous quilt every time. 


The fabrics that you pick for this project don’t necessarily have to “match”, what’s most important is that the darks be really dark, the lights be as light as possible but still show up against the beige, white or ecru background fabrics.  The medium fabrics should bridge the gap between the darks and lights.  (Look at the sample).  You will need approximately ¼ yard of the following:

Dark, medium and light, refer the value of the fabric, not the color. Choose fabrics with varying textures and scales.  It is certainly ok to bring more fabrics to work with.

You will also need the following:

Bring fabric that is prepared to work with.  Which means, pre-wash if you are going to pre-wash (sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t).  Either way, press the fabric, and re-fold with the selvedge edges together, so that the folded edge is also even (no bunches). 

Other Supplies:

Carol Fay
1417 Camino Rio Verde
Santa Barbara, CA  93111
(805) 683-4765