Supply List



What makes these quilts most interesting is a large variety of fabrics, so I suggest that you use:

            8 different flannel fabrics – 5/8 yard each  (makes a 42”x 35” quilt)

            10 different flannel fabrics – 7/8 yard each  (makes a 42” x 70” quilt)

If you choose to use only two fabrics, then you would need 2 ½ yards of each for the small size quilt (42” x 35”)

Bring fabric that is prepared to work with.  Which means, pre-wash the fabric and dry in a hot dryer.  Flannel has a tendency to shrink quite a bit, so it is very important to pre-shrink the fabric.  Press the fabric, and re-fold with the selvedge edges together, so that the folded edge is also even (no bunches). 

Other Supplies:

Carol Fay
1417 Camino Rio Verde
Santa Barbara, CA  93111