Supply List


In class we will be discussing the relative merits of using different sized pieces of fabric, ranging from 1” to 2”.  You will decide in class which measurements to use.  The yardages given below are enough for any of the choices.


Fabric will be strip cut, so yardage that is a minimum of 40” selvedge to selvedge is needed.

Yardages are given for small wall sized quilts, approximately 30” square before borders.

Single Irish Chain:

Double Irish Chain:

Double Irish Chain Variation…two fabrics in alternate block (see Hawaiian example):

Double Irish Chain Variation…Trip around the world as alternate block (no background fabric is used, and the result is slightly larger, 50” square before border):

Bring fabric that is prepared to work with.  Which means, pre-wash if you are going to pre-wash (sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t).  Either way, press the fabric, and re-fold with the selvedge edges together, so that the folded edge is also even (no bunches). 

Other Supplies:

Carol Fay
1417 Camino Rio Verde
Santa Barbara, CA  93111