Supply List


During class we will focus on learning techniques to piece the following blocks, which finish 7” square.


Assorted scraps for blocks, fat or long quarter yards work well.  You will need a variety of reds for the hearts in medium and dark values.  I suggest 9 different fabrics minimum for a wall sized quilt.  Stars, and companion blocks can be pieced in any colors that you desire.  Having a variety of medium and dark values is more important than color choice.

A light background fabric should be selected which will unify the blocks.  A wall sized quilt requires ½ yard of background fabric.

Five different white and red fabrics are needed for the large Log Cabin borders.  They should progress from mostly white with a little red, to mostly red with a little white.  Long quarter yards work best, but fat quarters may be used.

Also, a final border of darker red fabric can be added.  A long quarter yard is sufficient.

Bring fabric that is prepared to work with.  Which means, pre-wash if you are going to pre-wash (sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t).  Either way, press the fabric, and re-fold with the selvedge edges together, so that the folded edge is also even (no bunches). 

Other Supplies:

Carol Fay
1417 Camino Rio Verde
Santa Barbara, CA  93111